Friday, June 23, 2017

Korea Business Trip May'17

It has been a while
Since Mr. MinHo Chang visited ATM on May'16
To introduce an advanced software called CIMitar

Since then, request to pay a visit to Korea
To have a look on how CIMitar looks like
To have a look on how advance CIMitar is
is never stop

Requests by requests
Reports by reports
From May'16 to Sep'16
Again from Oct'16 to Dec'16
Until CIMitar successfully setup in ATM on Dec'16
The visit was never been realised

Time goes on
My boss Mr. Karuna never gave up
The fight continues
From MFG 1 to MFG 3 Department
From Jan'17 to Mar'17
From CIMitar to eCIM introduction
Reports by reports
Requests by requests
Yet the visit was never been realised

Disappointment goes on
We were getting lost
When we went deep into the projects
As we have no idea
What are we going to setup

Mr. Karuna never gave up
The fight continues
From MFG 3 to IE Department
From Apr'17 to May'17
Reports by reports
Requests by requests
After 1 year of hard work
The visit finally approved by President Mr. Chim 
Under our IE Department Manager, Mr. JK So! 
Just by second week of May'17

The hard work paid finally
But the visit was approved only for two persons
That were me and my teammate Aida
The main hero behind this, Mr. Karuna
Was not approve for the visit

He visited Mr. Chim
Voiced out his intention to join us for the trip
To guide these young guys on their projects
But the reply from Mr. Chim was
"You this old guy please let the youngsters to learn!"

Sorry boss
Your hard work is appreciated
We will learn as much as we can
We won't let you disappointed then :-D

Preparation goes on
Here's my flight ticket
on 20th May 2017
Going to Incheon, Korea

As we walk
My wife watching us up there
As her lovely husband
Going to away from her for 1 week

Aida and I
Say good bye to our group members

And my boss reply:

Here are we in Korea!

Here's the KTX Station

The bullet train moves at near 300km/h

Telling our group members
That we're safely reach

And my boss reply:

We were lucky at Gwangju
To have Mr. YunSun Kim
To bring us around Gwangju city
The 6th biggest city in Korea

However, this guy was moving so fast
From greeting to walk towards his car
It was just 10 seconds
Leaving us behind to say:
Chase him! 

We not able to take any photo
Near Gwangju Station there
Due to busy chasing our counterpart

He brought us to 官防堤林
Located at Damyang gun (潭陽郡,담양군)

To cycling around the beautiful place

We looks excited cycling
But the truth was
We were tired chasing our fast moving counterpart
Could you spot him at front there? 

Ah we don't care! 
You move yours, we take our photos!
We don't want to miss so many nice scene here~

Next we went to Juknokwon (竹绿宛죽녹원)
A bamboo park nearby

Next is Metasequoia Road (水杉路,메타세쿼이아길)

And finally i able to take a photo of you
Mr. YunSun Kim

Back to Gwangju City
Here's the Asia Culture Center
A memorial park of 518

And Geumnam-ro (금남로)
The underground shopping street

The next is Chungjang-ro (충장로
The downtown that is suitable for youngsters
Don't ask me why the photo has only Aida 
And where's Mr. YunSun Kim? :-D

Finally was my favourite place
Mudeungsan Gungnip Gongwon
The National Park of Mudeungsan

Here we take the photo of Gwangju city

And three of us together

After a tiring and fruitful 1 day trip
Here goes our hotel
Holiday inn, Gwangju

I got room number 916
And tonight must have a good night sleep

Now is time of 7am
It is already so hot there

Here's K4
Our first destination of the visit

The company's content need to be disclosed
So I won't show it here
Just taking chance to take a photo
At recreation area outside canteen

Tonight's dinner is Samgyetang (蔘鷄湯,삼계탕)
Or Ginseng Chicken Soup

It was so nice and big portion!

The night still young after dinner
And the second round was clubbing
Of course for me and Aida
There were non-alcohol cocktail

The Korean guys really eat a lot
After two rounds they still able to eat
And here's the third round of the night
Raw fish

I never been that full before
Eating three meals in a night

On Tuesday night we went to Lotte Mart
A famous shopping mall at Korea

Then we went for dinner at Chipyeong-dong
To eat octopus as dinner

Next is Owollu Tower (娄月, 오월루)
Located at 5.18 Memorial Park

From here to view Gwangju city at night

There is swimming pool at hotel actually
But we have no chance to enjoy it

Today is Wednesday
The final day at Gwangju

Really thanks to Mr. YunSun Kim
For bringing us around Gwangju these three days
And making our visit here an unforgettable one

Before leaving the city

Taking the final photo of K4

Here's Gwangju Station
We are leaving now
Heading to Seoul
Looking for another experience there
Bye Gwangju......

Here's my hotel at Seoul
Sheraton D-Cube City
A one night RM800++ hotel
We expecting something difference here

Here's my room - 3610
Room number 10 at 36th floor

It's Wow inside~ 

And here's the view from my room

There are thousands of restaurant out there
but all the meals were written in Korea language
And the people can't speak English
Aida is not allow to eat pork
And i not allow to eat beef
It making us so tough to look for food

The subway system is a bit confusing for newbie like us
We'll need to pay deposit of 500 Won
For each card that issue
Then refund at the exit
When returning the card

I think
Finally the only station that we can remember
Is only Sindorim (新道林,신도림)
Which is just under our hotel

We found one chicken meal
Named Hotsun Chicken
as our dinner on Wednesday night

Dinner with DaeHo Lee and JaeHyong Park on Thursday night

Then, we went to Han-gang (漢江,한강) ourselves
Han-gang, or Han River
Is a riverside nearby 
With many people jogging and exercise
With a beautiful scene 

Friday buffet lunch with K3 CIMitar team
They really eat a lot
Almost 3 times our part
Is all the Korean guys also eat that much? 
They are not fat at all... 

Really thanks to the team for your guidance these two days
You all are so friendly

Night time visiting to Namdaemun Market 

Here we find our souvenirs and gifts
Thanks to JaeHyong for bringing us there

Our dinner tonight
Seafood and vegetable cake

And Haddeok
Korean pancake

Saturday morning
Is time to check out

While waiting for Aida at lobby

The view at lobby
Located at 41th floor of the building

Again there is swimming pool
But just not for us...

Queuing at airport to check in
Hand phone on her hand never stops

Here I coming back

Here's my plane

Bye Korea

It's near 11pm now
When we reach Malaysia
Reporting to our boss
That we're safely reach

And here's what he reply

Is a short trip thought
But many that we have learned
And the friendship at Korea there
The enthusiasm that you all have
We will never forget

Special thanks to Mr. YunSun Kim
Mr. Daeho Lee
Mr. JaeHyong Park
For making our visit a memorable one


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